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Improve Your Business With Dispute Resolution Services in Andover, MA

When conflict exists between you and another person, counseling can benefit your relationship. This is true with business relationships as much as it is with family relationships. After all, you often associate with your coworkers for eight or more hours every day.

At Andover Counseling Center, we can help you work more effectively with your partners and employees. Acting as an impartial third party, we can help you communicate better, resolve business conflict, and grow your business.
Benefits of Our Dispute Resolution Services in Andover, MA
Maybe you want your startup company to grow. Or maybe you already have a successful small business yet struggle to resolve differences among your employees. Whatever your situation, you and your partners likely experience a lot of stress. Differences in goals and personalities among employees can create tension in a business.

Dr. Janice Goldstein meets with members of your staff and evaluates and defines the nature of the issues affecting the workplace. She will strategically design an intervention to address the issues so that you can better work together to address interpersonal problems in the business. She'll also set goals with you so you can measure your progress.
Reasons to Choose Andover Counseling Center
Our counseling service has more than 20 years of experience helping resolve business conflict in the Merrimack Valley. We specialize in small-business mediation as well as individual, couples, and family therapy. We are also experienced at helping people perform well in a work or school environment despite disabilities or setbacks.

We care about the success of small businesses and want to see your business thrive. Issues that are not addressed in small businesses tend to undermine the effectiveness and productivity of its staff. Addressing issues as they arise minimizes conflicts and makes for a stable working environment.
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Information About Dr. Goldstein’s Approach
Dr Janice Goldstein is a trained mediator with both a Psychology doctorate as well as a Master of Business degree. She utilizes both these skills to help businesses solve personnel/management issues that affect the overall health of the company.

Mediation is a proven effective technique for solving many of the issues that confront a business environment. Her interpersonal skills and knowledge of how businesses work combine to create a powerful tool within that environment. Mediations are scheduled by appointment on site and are time limited and situation-focused. Please feel free to contact Dr Goldstein with any questions that you may have about this intervention.
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