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Psychological, Neuropsychological and Academic Testing

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Andover Counseling offers a variety of evaluation personnel to complete testing for children, adolescents and adults.

Dr. Goldstein screens each referral and assigns an appropriate collaborative evaluator who will perform the testing. Evaluation is comprehensive and include cognitive, psychological, neuropsychological and educational components. (A listing of individual tests is available upon request). Dr. Goldstein will then meet with the parents/adults/adolescent to review results and provide follow up. A full written report will be available shortly after the final consultation.

Dr. Goldstein is available on a fee for service basis to attend school meetings for children and adolescents and advocate for appropriate educational programming. She also consults with families around private placements and post secondary college choices.

Adult Neuropsychological/Psychological Testing

We provide specialized neuropsychological and psychological testing for adults who may have questions about memory function and/or work-related concerns. Testing is conducted within our office and specifically aimed at addressing any concerns raised by the client and his/her physician or employer. We are particularly sensitive to the needs of our elder population and will work closely with them and their spouses or relatives to insure that their experience is a positive one.
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